Normally exams are always nerve racking but it is so refreshing to hear our Teachdance students say how excited they are to be taking their IDTA dance teacher exams. The dance teacher training they receive from us prior to them being entered for the exam allows them to feel confident and they can really enjoy the experience.
The exam you take at the end of the training is an hour and fifteen minutes long and consists of practical and theory. There is no final written exam, which a lot of you will be pleased to hear.
The students who took their exams last weekend are awaiting their results and this week attending their first mentoring sessions to prepare them to use their qualification and tutorials which will help them put students in for IDTA exams. That’s where we differ from other dance teacher training companies. We stay in touch with you after you’ve got your dance teacher qualification; and help you on your way to achieving your dreams. Whether you want to become a dance teacher, teach dance in gyms, schools or colleges, open a dance school or another dance business we are here to help you succeed for years to come.
So if you are thinking about gaining a dance teacher qualification and want to start making your passion for dance your business or new career then that can propel you to have success in your dance business, generate a greater income for yourself and create exciting opportunities for the children and young people in your community get in touch with us now.