I have been speaking to several dancers and dance teachers about the importance of gaining a dance teacher qualification. Most will agree that they think it is important but feel it is something they should do when they get ’older’. What age do you think is right to become qualified as a dance instructor? I believe that you are never too young or too old to do something that will allow you to make a career and ultimately an income out of your passion. Some dancers just teach ‘on the side’ and do not see teaching as a career option. They prefer to pursue a career of going to auditions and chasing the stardom dream! As a dancer what happens if you do not make it? Is teaching just the next best thing? Everyone is different but I feel that passing on your knowledge to the next generation is just as important as trying to make it yourself. Here are very few ‘famous’ and in fact successful dancers but there are so many successful dance teachers sharing their creativity all over the world. Dance teaching is such a rewarding career. It is a way of creating a guaranteed monthly income doing something you love and seeing people progress, build confidence and have fun. Gaining a recognised dance teacher qualification should be your first step if you want to become a dance teacher.

Become a Qualified Dance Teacher

The IDTA freestyle qualification is fantastic as it not only enables you to teach in 57 countries around the world but teamed with Teachdance dance teacher training it gives you a great foundation to build a career as a self employed dance teacher or set up a dance school or business. This dance teacher training is so versatile it allows you to teach a number of styles from street, to hip hop, to bollywood to freestyle. You just adapt what is taught to you by the knowledgeable teachdance team to your dance style. So your career as a dance teacher is waiting for you. Why wait until you are ‘done with auditioning’ teach dance now and make a difference. Our next course is in February 2012 please contact me if you require any more information.