Are you stuck in a 9-5 rut?

Do you want to set your own working hours?

Do you want get paid for fulfilling your passion?

Getting in to the 9-5 rut was something that I never started as whilst I was at uni working a retail job I decided that I only ever wanted to be my own boss! After being in education since the age of 5 I was ready to make the rules and set the trends. As you know my business started with 13 children in a church hall and has now grown into a dynamic organization made up of two companies, 4 dance schools, 24 dance instructors delivering over 40 classes a week across London and surrounding areas. It has given me freedom. I set my working hours, I get to meet fab people and help children all using my passion for dance.

If you are over 18 and have a passion for dance. You can make money using your passion and turn the love you have for dance into your career or even a business. Getting the right dance teacher training is the perfect way to get started.

After Your IDTA Exam

After you take your IDTA exam which leads to your dance teaching qualification (which is a professional qualification recognized worldwide), you will be equip with the knowledge, skills and confidence to quit that 9-5 and start living your own dreams!

This dance teacher training course is designed to teach you how to become a more proficient teacher and give you the professional knowledge needed to start/grow a dance business or how to market yourself professionally to other organizations as a self employed dance instructor. You do therefore need sufficient dance knowledge and a bit of previous dance teaching experience is desirable but not compulsory.

For the next 2 weeks only we are bringing you a very special offer. If you know someone who wants to get qualified to teach dance also we are offering the chance for both of you to get qualified for £1997. Saving you nearly £600! It would be great to have someone you know on the course for you to go over coursework with or practice routines together. Who knows perhaps then you can set up your dance school together too?

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