As we move in to the last two months of the year would you like to do something that will empower you and catapult you into success for 2012. You could start the new year with your own business and earning the wage that could lead to the finical freedom that we all deserve and the best part is that you can dance your way to success.


Our Next dance teacher training course is on 18th, 19th and 20th November. On completion and subject to passing an IDTA Exam (International Dance Teachers Association) you will have an internationally recognised dance teacher qualification recognised in 57 countries worldwide. You may be teaching already but this qualification will give you the knowledge, the confidence to take your career to the next level and position yourself in the market where you will get noticed and create fantastic opportunities for yourself and for your students whether that be through your own marketing efforts or through the IDTA exam programme for students which you would be eligible to put your students through.


Here is an example of what you could potentially earn after your dance teacher training and passing your IDTA freestyle associate exam.

If you did:

5 classes per week and charge £5. Got 20 students in each class you would earn £500 per week

If you ran your dance classes 45 weeks of the year (which allows plenty of time for holidays!) you would earn £22,500.


5 x 20= £100 X 5 classes = £500

£500 x 45 weeks = £22,500

Approx overheads= £3,500

£19,000 profit


This is purely based on you delivering 5 classes a week. With some business skills which you will pick up on your dance teacher training course you will be fully on track to dancing your way to success in 2012. This is achievable, you just need the knowledge, training and determination to make it happen!


Knowledge is power! Lets make 2012 your year to shine!