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The exam you will take to entitle you to qualified teacher status with the IDTA (International Dance Teachers Association) is the Associate in Freestyle dance. The syllabus  you will follow is split into sections and will include anatomy and physiology, steps and movements and various teaching techniques to improve your teaching ability.

The aim of the course is to develop your skills and give you the confidence to achieve your career goals. Whether that be using your dance teaching qualification to open a dance school or giving you the edge on other dancers when applying for more lucrative contracts. At the end of your dance teacher training course you will be equip with the skills to pass your exam with flying colours and be inspired and enthused to achieve your dance business dreams.

The great thing about becoming qualified with the International dance teachers association is that there are a series of armature IDTA exams that once qualified you can put students through from as young as three years old. Dance exams are a great way of you tracking your student’s progress and give both students and parents a fantastic sense of achievement. If you want to open a dance school your school will be more attractive to parents if you are an IDTA dance school and you are able to offer formal dance qualifications. Exams will also increase your annual turnover as you can mark the cost of exams up to make a profit.

The syllabus also allows for massive professional growth. You can take a licenete exam which enables you to be an adjudicator at Freestyle dance competitions for the FDP which again creates income for you. You can then do further dance teacher training to progress to fellowship level which enables you to be a lecturer and an examiner.

So if you want a professional qualification that allows you to open and grow a dance business, access highly paid dance jobs, go to university to gain more academic teaching qualifications or progress in a vocational way through the IDTA this course is for you.

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