Opening any business can be a daunting experience! But it is so worthwhile when you are able to turn your passion into your living. That’s what I was able to do four years ago and it was the best thing I ever did. It gave me freedom from the 9-5. I am my own Boss and only answer to myself!

It is of course hard work! But I love it. It started with a street dance school in London. One dance school in Forest Hill in South London has blossomed into a company with four dance schools across London and being able to allow thousands of children to access dance of all genres.

It all Started with a Dance Exam

I couldn’t have come so far in my business and began to achieve things that for some are just a dream without gaining professional dance teacher training. I do not teach now but in the beginning I had to it was that dance teacher training that gave me the confidence and the skills to set up my own street dance classes for children in South London which developed into the popular dance school it is today.

Gaining a dance teaching qualification has also enabled me to create another income stream besides classes in my business as J’s Dance Factory is able to offer IDTA exams to all of the students.

So…you can dance your way to freedom! Get out of the 9-5 and start to live out your dreams by opening your own dance school wherever you are in the world. Just remember it all begins with gaining a dance teaching qualification. So what are you waiting for?