It does exist, over the past few years – perhaps due to the rise in popularity of shows like Britain’s Got Talent – street dance is well and truly on the map.

Street dance took to the Westend stage, street dance group Diversity Won the most popular talent show in the UK and the unfortunate and very sad passing of Michael Jackson put dance well and truly back into the world’s spotlight!

We’ve had street dance the movie and the annual release of a dance flick is now very much the norm.

So is it any wonder that boys and girls up and down the country all want to learn to street dance? According to a recent Government survey in the UK dance is one the 2nd most popular physical activity after football amongst 12-14 year olds.

With so many children now so eager to learn to street dance we are in need of quality street dance teachers who are suitably qualified and follow safe practice when teaching children and young people.


Street dance teacher qualifications are available

There is street dance teacher qualification! Despite what dancers may think! It makes sense there has to be if so many children want to learn to dance.

The IDTA dance teacher training which teachdance offer is particularly tailored to you becoming a fully qualified street dance teacher. Many dancers do not see the point in gaining formal qualifications as many are able to get dance teaching jobs in London and many big Cities across the UK. However, times are changing. Qualified dance teachers already earn more than those who are unqualified. In the VERY near future you will not just be able to claim you are a ‘street dance teacher’. Employers will want you to have had some ‘street dance teacher training’ and produce a recognised street dance teaching certificate to back up your claim. After all you wouldnt go to a Doctor who had no formal medical training but said they knew what they were doing or parents wouldn’t send their children to a school where the teachers didn’t have a qualification so this is no different.