Today is my 24th Birthday! Why is that Significant? Well four years ago today my life changed forever because I launched my own dance school. I wanted to enable local children to access quality and affordable street dance classes. At the time it was 13 children in a local church hall and a CD player. Not much but it was mine and that was the best part. I became my own boss. Upon graduating I began to grow the company but I never in my wildest dreams thought by year four I would have achieved so much.

Four years on I am proud to tell you that I am an award winning young entrepreneur with four dance schools, 230 children regularly attending Saturday classes. I’ve been featured in several National newspapers, on television and gained recognition as a leading ‘young entrepreneur’ in London. Two years ago I also launched my second dance company Dancing After School which has enabled me to make it possible for thousands of children across London to access dance within their school environment as well as empowering teachers and school staff to deliver quality dance sessions for their students.

It was a real struggle to run a growing company whilst at university full time. Trying to study, write a dissertation, carry out work placements and keep customers happy. I honestly do not know how I did it at times…in fact I do: sheer determination, a lot of hard work and support from family and a few friends.

The biggest hurdles I had to overcome were:

  • Being young: Some people don’t take you seriously
  • Funding: Lack of cash to set up
  • Lack of business knowledge/experience
  • Lack of confidence

Over the coming weeks I would like to share with you how I overcame these problems to help you on your way in your own dance business ventures.

But for today this post is a true Thank you to everyone who has been involved with J’s Dance Factory over the past four years, a celebration of the thousands of children who continually benefit from the school and a message to you to say that I am living proof that anything is possible! Aim high, dream big and get the right qualifications and help to get you on the right road!