Since launching Teachdance I’ve had the pleasure of discussing dance teacher training with several of you who want to become a dance teacher.

There seems to be a pattern in the fact that a number of dancers are confused about which dance teaching qualifications to take? Which ones are recognised by schools? And probably the most popular question – which dance teaching qualifications allow you to enter children for amateur IDTA (International Dance Teacher Association) exams?

When I was deciding which dance teaching qualification to take, it was a pretty simple choice as there was only one around. However there are now so many London dance teacher training companies claiming to offer ‘recognised’ dance teacher qualifications? No wonder it is hard for you to decide which one is right for you.

It is now the third week back at J’s Dance Factory (the dance school). The dance teachers are busy preparing the students for their IDTA exams. These are a series of amateur exams that children and young people can take whilst they attend part-time dance school. Exams are a great way of children and parents keeping track of progress.

J’s Dance Factory IDTA exam awards presentation

In March 2012 J’s Dance Factory will be hosting an awards presentation where the children will be able to collect their medals and certificates. This gives the children a great sense of achievement and slowly introduces them to the world of professional dance teacher qualifications and IDTA teacher training which they can start aged sixteen. If they persevere with their amateur IDTA exams it should cut out the need for them to have to use a dance teacher training company as they will complete their professional dance teacher training with us at J’s Dance Factory.

It is more important than ever for dance teachers to be appropriately qualified. Over half the dance teaching jobs in London advertised online ask for formal dance teacher training, or a professional dance teaching qualification.

If you want to become a dance teacher you need to make sure you have the right skills and qualifications to gain employment and are setting an example to your young students by gaining the right qualifications. Likewise if you want to set up a dance school your school will be more desirable to parents if you are a qualified IDTA teacher and your school offer the students the opportunity to take IDTA exams. IDTA exams also create extra income for you as a dance teacher; so you can increase your earnings.