The use of the internet and social media has made it possible for so many dance companies to sell teaching courses to dancers that they have developed themselves; with no professional body or accreditation attached. Some of these courses use the term ‘government accredited’ ? You need to find out exactly what they mean by this? Due to the vast number of courses out there it makes it difficult for you as a dancer when trying to establish which course to take to benefit you. You want a course that will give you the professional progression and business model you need to develop a dance business or gain employment in education institutions or leisure facilities and demand the wage that you are worth. Your teaching qualification is a huge investment. You need to get the facts about the course before you part with any cash. So I’m here to help!

Your dance teacher qualification needs to give you the knowledge and the status to achieve your dream whether that be working in schools, teaching classes to adults in gyms or setting up a dance school for children. You need to make sure that any money you invest for training can be made back as a result of you having the qualification. Some of these companies base their qualification on a franchise opportunity with the company in question. Yes, buying a franchise dance school is often a fantastic and virtually risk free option but surely you want you want a choice? The qualification also needs to make you money without too much more financial outlay and give you the option to ‘go it alone’ if you wish.

I found it really difficult choosing a dance teacher training course as there was not much advice out there giving overviews on the courses and I simply did not know what to look for. So now knowing what I know I want to help you make informed decisions that will boost your career or business venture.

This video report takes you through the questions you need to ask when booking onto a dance teacher training course.

  1. WHAT-will you learn
  2. WHO- Will you be taught by/who is the qualification accredited by
  3. WHEN-will you be qualified
  4. HOW-Can you use the qualification to generate income
  5. WHERE-can it take you- can you gain employment/set up a business

Watch it NOW to avoid making an expensive mistake! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.